Best Fall Events Happening in Duluth Minnesota 2023

As the leaves turn brilliant shades of red and gold, and the crisp autumn air settles in, Duluth, Minnesota, comes alive with a plethora of exciting fall events and festivities. Whether you’re a local looking for seasonal fun or a visitor eager to experience the charm of this northern city, Duluth offers a wide range of activities to make the most of the autumn season. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the most captivating fall events in Duluth, promising memorable experiences for all.

NorthShore Inline Marathon

Happens: Second Weekend of September

If you’re an inline skater or just enjoy watching thrilling sports events, the NorthShore Inline Marathon is a must-see. This annual race along the scenic North Shore Drive is the largest inline marathon in North America.

Duluth Oktoberfest

Happens: Second Weekend of September

Raise your steins and toast to fall at the Bayfront Duluth Oktoberfestival. This lively event at Bayfront Festival Park captures the spirit of Bavaria with traditional music, dance, and delicious German cuisine. Sip on authentic brews while enjoying live entertainment and the stunning backdrop of Lake Superior.

Haunted Ship Tour

Happens: All of October

For those seeking a spine-tingling experience, the William A. Irvin Haunted Ship Tour is a must-visit. The retired ore ship is transformed into a chilling haunted house, offering a unique and eerie way to get into the Halloween spirit.

Glensheen Candlelight Tours

Happens: Throughout Fall and Winter

Glensheen’s candlelight tours offer a captivating and immersive experience that transports visitors to a bygone era of elegance and intrigue. Nestled along the picturesque shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota, Glensheen Mansion, once the home of the influential Congdon family, becomes a magical setting under the soft glow of candlelight. As night falls, guests are invited to explore the meticulously preserved rooms, adorned with period furnishings and original decor, while knowledgeable guides regale them with tales of the mansion’s history, including the infamous Congdon murder case. This enchanting evening tour not only provides a unique glimpse into the past but also a chance to appreciate the architectural beauty and opulence of Glensheen in a whole new light, making it a must-visit attraction for history enthusiasts and romantics alike.

Boo at the Zoo

Happens: Select dates in October

Join as the Lake Superior Zoo calls it “the Northland’s favorite Halloween event! Your family’s annual fall tradition.” Get dressed up and hang around some awesome animals at the Lake Superior Zoo on select days in October. Perfect for those looking for a fun date night or something to do with the kids!

Duluth Junk Hunt

Happens: Late Fall The Duluth Junk Hunt is a treasure trove of vintage finds and unique collectibles that draw antique enthusiasts and nostalgia seekers from far and wide. Nestled in the heart of Duluth, Minnesota, this eclectic event brings together a diverse array of vendors offering everything from retro furniture and classic vinyl records to one-of-a-kind crafts and rare trinkets. Whether you’re on the hunt for a timeless piece of history or simply enjoy the thrill of discovery, the Duluth Junk Hunt promises a delightful journey through the past, where each item tells a story and every booth holds a surprise. Join us for a weekend of antiquing, upcycling, and celebrating the timeless allure of vintage treasures at the Duluth Junk Hunt.

Duluth – Superior Film Festival

Happens: Early October

The Duluth Superior Film Festival is a cinematic celebration that lights up the Northland with the magic of storytelling through film. Set against the stunning backdrop of Lake Superior, this annual event showcases a diverse selection of movies from around the world, ranging from thought-provoking documentaries to riveting indie films and classic favorites. As the festival unfolds, it becomes a vibrant hub for filmmakers, actors, and film enthusiasts to come together, fostering discussions, creativity, and a deep appreciation for the art of cinema. Whether you’re a cinephile seeking unique cinematic experiences or a filmmaker looking to connect with a passionate community, the Duluth Superior Film Festival promises an unforgettable journey through the world of movies right here in the heart of Northland. Join us for a week of cinematic wonders that captivate, inspire, and entertain.

Chester Bowl Fall Fest

Happens: Early September

Fall Fest is all about building community with friends and neighbors in the park! At this regional craft event you will enjoy music, food, crafts, locally grown fresh produce, vendors, and informational booths about local programs. The annual event has grown over the years and hosts over 130 vendors selling locally-made crafts, a great lineup of music, 10 food vendors, and activities for children and families.  In addition, Chester Bowl branded clothing and other items will be sold by the Chester Bowl Improvement Club.  They will have many new products again for 2023, so you will want to get to the Chester Bowl table (just inside the entrance) early to buy our new gear! This is one event you won’t want to miss!!

Duluth Fall Hiking

Happens: Late September, early October

Not looking for a formal event and just want to experience fall in Duluth? Well you’re in luck! Duluth has a wide range of awesome hikes that will give you a full atmosphere of fall colors, aroma’s, and even waterfalls. Hop on to your favorite trail or utilize our other blogs to find your favorite hikes in town.

BONUS: Bayfield’s Applefest

Happens: Early October

Bayfield Apple Fest is a beloved annual tradition nestled in the heart of Wisconsin’s picturesque Bayfield Peninsula. This vibrant celebration captures the essence of autumn, offering a rich tapestry of experiences for all ages. At its core is the bountiful apple harvest, with local orchards showcasing a dazzling array of apple varieties and delectable treats, from apple pies to cider donuts. The festival’s charm extends beyond apples, featuring an artisan market showcasing the talents of local craftspeople, live music filling the air with joyful melodies, and a lively parade that winds its way through the charming streets of Bayfield.

Families, foodies, and nature enthusiasts alike gather here to revel in the crisp fall air, stunning Lake Superior views, and the warmth of a close-knit community. Bayfield Apple Fest is not just an event; it’s a quintessential autumn experience that invites all to savor the flavors and colors of the season in a delightful northern Wisconsin setting.

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