Best Times to Visit BentleyVille 2023

Greetings, discerning travelers and connoisseurs of holiday splendor! I am The Njord, your esteemed guide to refined experiences in Duluth, Minnesota. As Bentleyville “Tour of Lights” celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2023, join me on a journey through the best times to immerse yourself in this holiday spectacle. From its humble beginnings in Esko to its grandeur in Duluth’s Bayfront Festival Park, Bentleyville has become a cherished tradition. Let’s delve into the optimal moments to visit this enchanting wonderland this year.

The history of Bentleyville

Bentleyville’s roots trace back to 2001 when Nathan Bentley began adorning his Esko, MN home with festive lights. This humble display quickly gained fame as the “House with all of the lights in Esko.” Over the years, Nathan’s vision evolved, and Bentleyville transitioned from a simple “drive-by” attraction to an immersive “walkthrough” experience, complete with a visit from Santa Claus on weekends.

In 2004, Bentleyville found its new home in Duluth’s Bayfront Festival Park, and with it came an expansion of grand proportions. Nathan’s larger property allowed for the creation of breathtaking displays, including a 78′ x 24′ entrance castle adorned with 45,000 twinkling lights. The wooded landscape became a canvas for over 500 illuminated snowflakes, and fire pits were added for visitors to gather around and share in the warmth of the season.

Santa Claus, now a permanent resident at Bentleyville, welcomes children every night, gifting them with a free winter hat and a bag of cookies, creating treasured memories for families year after year.

In recent history, Bentleyville has been voted one of the best light displays in America and boasts of hosting over 5,000,000 lights! Additionally, each year over 300,000 people will walk through this magical light show! Now with that many people, you may be wondering, how do I avoid the crowds? Check out the info below to get the best insight!

Opening Night Extravaganza (Saturday, 6:00 PM)

Experience the lighting ceremony on a Saturday evening, as Bentleyville comes alive with thousands of lights and festive music, marking the commencement of a season of pure enchantment.

Mid-Week Tranquility (Tuesday or Wednesday, 5:00 PM)

Seek a serene experience on a weekday, where you can explore at your own pace, capturing the transition from daylight to the mesmerizing nighttime display in an unhurried setting.

Weekend Opulence (Saturday, 7:00 PM)

Revel in a blend of opulence and vibrant energy on a Saturday evening, as families and friends gather to bask in the holiday magic, surrounded by resplendent displays and joyful festivities.

With its 20th anniversary, Bentleyville’s “Tour of Lights” promises an even more spectacular celebration of the holiday season. As The Njord, a luxurious short-term rental in Duluth, Minnesota, we invite you to experience the magic in its full splendor. Choose your moment wisely, and allow Bentleyville to weave its enchanting spell, creating cherished memories for years to come.

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